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Read What Our Former Students Are Saying About This Course

"Being a single working mom, it's hard to spend quality time with my children during the week. I really cherish my time with my kids on weekends. This home study program fit my situation so well. I was able to complete the course in the evenings around my kids schedule. Thank you, Fun Time Traffic School."
Sandra, Pleasanton, CA

"This was my first time taking traffic school and I dreaded having to take an all day course.  I checked out the Fun Time course because I could complete it from my office and I wanted a course that was fun. This course was fun and to my surprise, very affordable and I learned a lot as well.  I have already recommended this course to 3 of my co-workers."
Lisa,Walnut Creek, CA

"I'm really busy and value my free time. I checked out other online traffic schools but I settled on Fun Time. I think the best part of the course was it's ease of use. Most of the others sites were confusing and difficult to figure out. Fun Time was simple, direct, honest, fun and very affordable. I would definitely recommend this course."
Todd, Palo Alto, CA

"I want to tell you how much I liked your course.  It was fun and full of great information I didn't know.  I want to especially thank your customer support person.  He was so friendly and helpful when I needed it most.  This is a great course.  Keep up the good work."
Rose, Riverside, CA

"Easy and entertaining...I loved the graphics, they made me laugh on every page."
Shelley, Fremont, CA

"I went to traffic school in a classroom once a few years ago. I had to spend all day on a Saturday starting early in the morning with a bunch of strangers. It was easy to decide between another Saturday in class and doing it at home on my own time. I was able to take breaks whenever I wanted and best of all, I got the ticket off of my record by working from home."
Martin, San Diego, CA