Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to Fun Time Traffic School's frequently asked questions page. As you would imagine, our sales and customer service departments get asked all sorts of questions during the day.  What we have found is that many of the same questions come up over and over again. We have made a list of the most common questions and supplied answers to them on this page.  Before picking up the phone and calling us, we suggest you first look for your question in this section.  And besides, these questions and answers are available 24 hours a day.

If you aren't able to find an answer to your question, you can always email us at
Sales Questions

I've never done traffic school.  How does this online course work?

It's very simple and flexible.  The course is very similar to a book except there is nothing to print.  You will be presented with a table of contents which is made up of some chapters and some quizzes.  All you have to do is proceed in the order of the table of contents.  You don't even have to do the course all at once.  In fact, most students don't.  You can log off and take breaks whenever you want and then come back and do some more.  When you are finished, we will send a certificate to the court and DMV for you.  It's that stress free and simple.

What is the cost of this online course?

Well, that all depends.  Different state courts have different course policy's so there may be small differences from one court to the next.  The best way to answer this question is to simply start the enrollment process.  We promise you that before you are asked to provide your enrollment information, you will know the total cost of the course and all policies for your court.

How long will it take me to complete the course?

Well, that depends on you.  You are able to work as fast (or as slow) as you want.  But remember, you don't have to do it all at once.  You can complete the course over several days or weeks.

Is there a way to know if your course can be used for my citation?

Yes.  When you begin the enrollment process, the system will ask you for some preliminary information.  We will only allow you to enroll in the course if we are licensed for your jurisdiction. 

How does the online course compare to a classroom traffic school?

In our humble opinion, there is no comparison.  Other than the fact both courses will allow you to remove a point from your driving record, the online course is so much more flexible and enjoyable. A classroom course usually takes up an entire weekend day and last's for a set amount of time.  You will be given breaks but you had better be back on time.  If not, you will be locked out and must come back another time to start all over.  Most people work hard during the week and would much rather be doing something fun, on their own time, as opposed to spending an entire weekend day in traffic school.

With the Fun Time Traffic School, you work WHEN you want, WHERE you want and complete the course on your own time.  Now doesn't that sound like more fun?

Some schools told me I need to go to another location to take the final exam.  Will I have to do that with this course?

No, we don't use testing centers for final exam testing.  You will take the final exam right on our web site just like the quizzes. In fact the final exam is open book, open notes just like the quizzes.

Are you available 24 hours a day?

Our support times are posted on our home page.

Our "official" hours are Court days from 8:00am to 5:00pm.  Unofficially, we are here a lot, usually until late in the evening.  We do take time out to walk our dogs so if you need us outside of "official" hours, send us an email.  You will usually get a response, even on weekends.

Course Questions

If you have more questions about these statements, please read the course instructions which can be viewed from the Course Status Page.

How long before my due date do I need to finish the course?

It's always best to finish your traffic school as far in advance as you can. Fun Time Traffic School follows the courts guidelines and recommends that you complete the course more than ten days in advance of your deadline just to be safe. Remember, procrastination is just failure on an installment plan.

Can I take breaks during the course or do I have to do this all at one time?

You can always take breaks as you work around your schedule.  When you are ready to resume, click on the Course Login button from the home page. You will be prompted for your license and case/docket number that you enrolled with.  This must be exactly as you enrolled, typos and all. If you are having trouble getting logged in, please consult your Welcome email that was sent to you after registration before contacting us.  That email has all the information you need.  If you can't locate this email, you can request another by clicking Welcome Request.

I understand the Final Exam is open book and open note. I don't see a way to use the course to help me with the final exam. What am I doing wrong?

When you are in the final exam, there is a link near the top that says Chapters. If you click that link, links to chapters will appear where you can access the individual chapters of the course. These chapter pages will pop up in a separate browser tab or window.

What happens if I don't pass the final exam?  Can I take it again?

Of course. You should be aware that the DMV allows you to retake the final exam one more time. If you can't pass the exam on the 2nd attempt, you will be required to start the course over or you can take another provider course. I wouldn't worry too much about that. The final exam is simple and it's also open book, open notes. Now, how hard can that be?

After I pass the course, what else do I need to do?

You will be issued a completion certificate after you complete the evaluation form. We will then transmit that completion certificate to the court and DMV within 3 business days. You will receive an email confirming you passed the course. If you are running late and need faster certificate processing, you will have an opportunity to upgrade to Rush service before or after the final exam.

Please note, the Course Evaluation is considered part of the course and is required by the DMV to receive a certificate. Make sure you complete this step after passing the final exam.

Enrollment Questions

I am enrolling and there is a field for Case/docket/citation number?  I'm not sure what that is.

First off, these all may be the same thing, they just have different names.  Some courts use one or the other for identification purposes and they should have told you in your courtesy notice which they prefer.   If you have both a Case/Docket and a citation number, the Case/Docket number is the better choice.

Please make sure you have the number entered accurately as this number will appear on your certificate.  You will be given a chance to change this before you complete the course so don't panic if you don't have it handy at the time of enrollment.  If you don't have the correct number, you can use a simple temporary placeholder by entering your zip code.  When you do find the correct number, you can change it from the Course Status Page. 

I tried to enter my case number but it was too long. What do I do?

Yeah,some of these case number's are really, really long.  And besides, you will need it to log into the course and the long length can make it difficult to type it correctly.  What we suggest is to remove all the special characters like the hyphens, slashes and any spaces.  This alone should make it fit and they aren't needed.

During enrollment, is an email address required?

Yes.  That way you will get important notifications from us.  It's safe with us and we won't share it with any third parties other than the court.  If you aren't seeing any emails from us, make sure you entered it correctly and check your junk folder of your email reader.  The email system may have thought it was junk and moved it from your inbox.

If you're worried about privacy, please read our privacy statement.  You really don't have much to worry about.

Where can I find my due date?

The court should have provided you with a due date to complete traffic school.  Check you courtesy notice or call them to find out.  For enrollment purposes, we suggest assuming a date 60 days from when you paid your ticket.  That is not official so contact the court and change it when you find the correct date.  It is your responsibility to complete traffic school and have the certificate to the court on or before your due date.

I'm at risk of being late. Can I get an extension?

Perhaps. It doesn't hurt to ask.  Different courts have different policies on granting extensions and if you don't ask, you surely won't receive. You should contact them as soon as possible.

Payment Questions

What payment types do you accept?

Just about everything.  Checks, Money Orders, all major credit cards and debit cards with the Visa or Mastercard logo.  The most convenient method is to use a credit card.  The payment process will provide more specific information.

Also, those prepaid Visa/MC's from retail outlets are accepted and becoming very popular.  They are more convenient than a check or money order and also allow you to submit payment without waiting for the check to clear.

I thought I paid for traffic school when I paid my fees to the court.  Why am I being asked to pay again?

We have a secret to tell you.  That not so little traffic school fee you paid to the court, is a court administrative fee.  It doesn't include the course fee and they don't share any of it with the schools.  Isn't that nice of them?  If you want to take the course, there is a fee for that service.  And besides, it's the cheapest and most important part of the process because it will eliminate that point from your driving record so your insurance rates don't sky rocket.  And we think that's a wise investment.

Miscellaneous Questions

I am trying to log back in and I know I'm entering the information correctly.  What's going on?

As for login issues, here are the most common problems:

1.  You may not be entering your login correctly.  Either the case number or license number is wrong.  You were sent a Welcome email when you enrolled which has your login information. It may hold clues as to what you are doing wrong.  Please read that email again.  Watch out for Zero's and Oh's.  They may look the same but they are different characters like 2 and Z (example: 0, O).  Dashes and spaces are another possibility. The entries must be exactly as you enrolled. Copying and pasting from the welcome email is usually the easiest solution.

2. Did you modify the license or case number after enrollment?  If you did, you must use the new values.

3. Did you enroll first?  Yes, that's a serious question. If you didn't enroll, you won't have an account to log into.

If you are enrolled and you need a copy of your Welcome email, you can request one by by clicking Welcome Request.  Whatever you do, please don't enroll a second time.  Email customer support if you're completely out of ideas.

Are there any special software requirements for this course?

Nope.  The only thing you will need other than a computer or tablet, is a web browser and an internet connection.  There are many web browsers available, all should work well but we do have a favorite.  We really like Mozilla's Firefox (although Google Chrome is great too). It's free, easy and fast to install and just makes the course experience that much better.  It's not required but it's not a bad idea to have at least two web browsers installed on your computer.  Click on the above link if you want to install it.

What if I experience a computer problem?

When it comes to computer problems, there are way too many possibilities for us to be of any help to you.  Although, there are a few quick things you can check.  Most issues are related to course misunderstandings.

1. If you can't connect to our web site, it just may be down temporarily. You can contact us to find out if it's us or if it's you. 

2. If the course just seems to be "misbehaving", first try to close your web browser, reopen it and log back in.  Maybe your web browser got messed up and needed to be restarted.  If that doesn't seem to make a difference, things may be working correctly.  Please reread the course instructions to see if you just misunderstood something.  Another clue could be a pop up blocker installed on your web browser.  We use popup windows occasionally to make your user experience better but "blockers" can interfere with the course operation.  If you don't know what a popup blocker is, try taking our advice in the previous question and install Firefox.

You can always send an email to and explain what is happening. We will try our best to solve your problem.  Your email should include your name, drivers license number and phone number. We'll either respond by phone or email. Remember, the Internet is prone to temporary traffic problems that clear up within a few hours.  Because of the potential for random Internet problems, we really encourage students to finish promptly and not wait until the last minute.  The Courts typically give students 60 days or more to complete traffic school and don't show much sympathy if you wait until the last minute and experience problems.