Course Terms

Read All Instructions

You agree to read all instructions presented to you. This is important, because it will save you time later. You will also have access to our course online help.

Try Before You Buy

You can try Fun Time Traffic School's course before you pay for it. You can pay any time before you take the final exam.

Honor System

It is very important to your Court that you and no one else takes the course and the final exam. Before you can take Fun Time Traffic School's course, you represent today, warrant on an ongoing basis, and certify under penalty of perjury, that:
  • You received your citation whose number you will use to enroll in Fun Time Traffic School.
  • You will take Fun Time Traffic School's course, not someone else.
  • You will take Fun Time Traffic School's final exam, not someone else.
You understand that if someone else takes the course or final exam for you, you have committed perjury. Perjury is a crime. Any information you provide to Fun Time Traffic School must be accurate and valid to the best of your knowledge.

Credit Card Numbers

Some web sites save your credit card number so that you can order more things from them without having to provide the number each time. Fun Time Traffic School has chosen not to save your credit card number so that we can help protect your important information. Fun Time Traffic School will transmit your credit card information to our credit processing agent through a secure encrypted connection. Because Fun Time Traffic School must work with one or more third party financial companies who will process your credit card transaction, Fun Time Traffic School cannot oversee how such third parties might use your credit card information. The risk is minimal and is typical of any credit card transaction you make. If this risk concerns you, you will be given an opportunity to pay with a check or money order.  You can also use prepaid Visa/MC's available from retail locations.

Your E-mail Address

If you give Fun Time Traffic School your e-mail address, it will be stored in Fun Time Traffic School's computer system. However, in order to keep costs low, all course communication is by email. If Fun Time Traffic School does not have a current working electronic mail address, you will not receive important information. If you don't receive important emails from Fun Time Traffic School, you are responsible for any consequences that may result.

Privacy Policy

After you give personal information to Fun Time Traffic School, that information will be shared with third parties. Third parties who will receive this information, include, but are not limited to, courts and their personnel, third party credit processing companies, and any governmental agencies that want to see your information.

No Reversal Of Any Credit Card Charges

Remember, you can try Fun Time Traffic School's course before you pay for it. Although, once you do pay, you are committed to pay for Fun Time Traffic School's course, or any other charges to which you agree.

You Must Notify Fun Time Traffic School By Email If You Believe Your Credit Card Was Charged Multiple Times For The Same Charge

If for any reason you believe that your credit card was charged more than one time for the same item(s), you agree to wait 3 business days and review your credit card charges again. If there are still multiple charges after 3 business days, you agree to email Fun Time Traffic School explaining the date the charges appear on your statement, and the amounts. Fun Time Traffic School will attempt to reconcile the charges, and will credit your account if you were charged more than once for the same item. If you attempt to cancel the charge on your credit card, Fun Time Traffic School will incur unnecessary costs from the credit card processing company. You agree to reimburse Fun Time Traffic School for those cancellation charges if you cancel the charge. Canceling a charge without alerting the school represents a serious ethical problem. Fun Time Traffic School and the Courts intend to treat anyone who attempts to gain a completion certificate for traffic school without paying for traffic school as committing a dishonest act. In that case, Fun Time Traffic School will pursue all remedies including canceling the certificate with the Court.

Dispute Resolution

You agree that any dispute between Fun Time Traffic School and you will be resolved in the Superior Courts of Orange County, California, which shall have jurisdiction, providing that the court selected shall have jurisdiction of the subject matter of the action and of the Parties. You agree that the Superior Court of Orange County, California will have personal jurisdiction over you, and you agree to submit to the personal jurisdiction of the Superior Court of Orange County, California. In the case of any dispute, you will also be liable for the value of Fun Time Traffic School's administrative time, which will be billed at $75 per hour spent collecting money you owe Fun Time Traffic School.

Refund Policy

You must fill out and sign Fun Time Traffic School's refund request form in order to be considered for a full or partial refund. If you don't fill out that form fully and sign it legibly, your refund request will not be considered. That form must include your reasons for requesting a refund. You can request a copy of the form from customer service.

Certificate Policy

You Are Responsible For Checking With Your Court To Be Sure The Court Processed Your Completion Certificate. The Court is providing you an opportunity to mask a point from your driving record by attending traffic school. After you successfully complete traffic school, the school will transmit a completion certificate electronically to the Court and DMV. The DMV requires that the date on your completion certificate be on or before your Court imposed due date. You are responsible for completing Fun Time Traffic School's course in a timely fashion. Fun Time Traffic School cannot control or be responsible for the DMV or your Court failing to process your certificate on time, or if they make an error and fail to process your certificate. You assume the risk of any delays or errors in the process so we suggest you COMPLETE YOUR TRAFFIC SCHOOL AS FAR IN ADVANCE OF YOUR DUE DATE AS POSSIBLE!

No Warranties

Use Fun Time Traffic School's web site at your own risk. Fun Time Traffic School cannot guarantee and does not represent or warrant that its web site will be error-free or virus free. As with any computing system, you should have current, active anti-virus software. You are responsible to assure that your computer and your data is protected.

Fun Time Traffic School makes no express or implied warranty for the accuracy of any information on its web site, or how you use that information. Fun Time Traffic School provides its web site and the content on that site without any warranty as to its reliability, or fitness for a particular purpose. You must assure yourself that the course is appropriate for your needs. Fun Time Traffic School is not liable for any damages you or any third party might allegedly incur due to any statement made on Fun Time Traffic School's web site or by any of its personnel.

Right To Terminate

Fun Time Traffic School reserves the right to terminate your service without prior warning or notice for any cause that Fun Time Traffic School deems to be justified. This may include, but not be limited to, any acts of fraud or dishonesty, or any violation of this agreement.

No Copying of Fun Time Traffic School's Materials Or Web Site

Fun Time Traffic School's course, materials, quizzes, final exam and web site are copyrighted material. You may not copy any materials, including course, quizzes, tests or other materials, or give them to any other person, without the prior written consent of Fun Time Traffic School.

No Legal Advice

Neither Fun Time Traffic School, its web site, nor its personnel offer legal advice with respect to any law, your ticket or your case. Laws can change at any time and changes in the law are clearly beyond the control of Fun Time Traffic School. If you want to consult a lawyer, you have to locate and choose a lawyer who can advise you on your particular legal matters. You may also consult the sources that Fun Time Traffic School used to prepare and check the course materials. Those materials include the California Vehicle Code, documents provided by the California Department of Motor Vehicles, opinions of driving safety experts, the United States Department Of Transportation, and the National Highway Transportation Safety Administration.


Any question of ambiguous or vague interpretation of this agreement cannot be resolved using any rule of interpretation resulting in interpretation against the drafting party to the agreement.

Terms Of This Agreement Subject To Change

Fun Time Traffic School has the right to modify the terms and conditions of this Agreement at any time without notice. However, the price, including all discounts and specials, quoted when you pay for Fun Time Traffic School's course will not change after you have paid.